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Employee Frequently Asked Questions

 Our Employees questions and concerns are important to us. ​​
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  1. How do I change the tax witholdings on my paycheck?
    Changes to tax withholding can be made by submitting an appropriate Federal or State withholding form. Links to forms are available in the Documents Download section. You may fax your completed and signed forms to 301-562-9202, Attn. Payroll.
  2. Do I have to go to work during bad weather, if there are closings?
    “Because BTI's worksites continue to function during bad weather, you are expected to make every effort to report for duty regardless of the weather conditions. In severe weather conditions, you may be asked to stay on duty for an extra shift during emergency staffing conditions.”
  3. How do I order additional uniform items?
    Additional Uniform items are available by emailing a Uniform Order form (Document Downloads) to Compliance & Logistics. Once the order is received you will be notified directly to for pickup and issue. The cost of any additional uniform items will be payroll deducted.
  4. I want a transfer and/or more hours. How can I apply for open positions within the company?
    We are happy you are interested in pursuing other opportunities! Check out the Careers page to apply for available positions. Your current experience, credentials, and availability will be matched based on the needs of the company. Transfers must be approved by both your current and
  5. How can I enroll in company benefits?
    BTI offers our employees a menu of health and wellness benefits such as Medical, Dental, Vision, and even a 401k. Information about is enrollment is available by clicking below.
  6. How do I submit a Payroll Discrepancy?
    Payroll errors are frustrating for both you and the company. Its important to always check your time-sheet for accuracy . If you believe you have an error,download a discrepancy form. Be sure to include a copy of your time-sheet and your paystubs and submit to your supervisor.
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Uniform Order Form 
W4 Federal Withholding 
Benefits Enrollment 
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